360 Health Systems Development Initiative Improving access to quality of life for all

IMC – Humanitarian Activities

360 HSDI is providing medical equipment and related items to communities affected by insurgency in Borno and Kano States. We also provide other items such as water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) products, as well as medical consumables to internally displaced persons (IDP) camps, refugee settlements, and health facilities in and around these communities. These items also assist frontline health workers in delivering the much-needed healthcare services to affected populations, in a bid to close universal health coverage (UHC) gaps. We constantly provide adequate products to hard-to-reach community in dire situations, with our supply chain, public health, and pharmaceutical experts providing technical and field guidance on needs assessment, thus meeting identified needs in the most sustainable way.

Our collaboration with certified local and international manufacturers has enabled us to obtain a wide range of medical and laboratory equipment and products fit for purpose, according to our donor’s specifications. Our distribution network includes experienced drivers and logisticians, working to ensure the safety of shipments and personnel for every delivery. Our effective delivery of healthcare items has significantly contributed to improving the quality of life and health profiles of IDPs, returnees, refugees, and host communities in various locations across Nigeria. With funding from International Medical Corps (IMC).

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