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Sustainability Works Here.

360- Degree Health Systems Development Initiative (360HSDI) is a nonprofit organization specialized in supporting real-time efforts addressing challenges for the vulnerable populace in developing countries.

How it works

Food Security and Livelihood

360HSDI strives to end hunger, achieve food security

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We take urgent actions to combat and eliminate existing and emerging health issues.

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360HSDI is committed to providing access and availability to clean

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Education is indisputably the bedrock of any nation.

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and Vision

Mission: “To provide and improve access to quality and sustainable Health, Social, and Economic wellbeing that save the lives of the vulnerable communities”

 Vision: “A safe, healthy and hunger-free world where social and gender equality thrives”

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Guiding Principles


Our humanitarian action is guided by the humanitarian principles.


Humanitarian action must be carried out on the basis of need alone, giving priority to the most urgent cases of distress and making no adverse distinction on the basis of nationality, race, gender, religious belief, class or political opinion.


Meaning that humanitarian action must not favor any side in an armed conflict or other dispute where such action is carried out; and


Humanitarian action must be autonomous from the political, economic, military, or other objectives that any actor may hold with regard to areas where humanitarian action is being implemented

360 HSDI

Humanitarian Affairs

360HSDI implements and coordinates humanitarian interventions,
activities response and advocacy.

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