360 Health Systems Development Initiative Improving access to quality of life for all

Our Clients and Partners

We work closely with our clients to shape projects that will have maximum impact in the communities where we work.

360 Health Systems Development Initiative (360HSDI)

Supply Chain Management

In deep field locations, there is a continuous need for safekeeping and storage of essential humanitarian commodities,


We take urgent actions to combat and eliminate existing and emerging health issues.


Our objective is to provide access to clean water, promote proper sanitation culture and good hygiene.

Early Recovery & Livelihoods

We develop feasible plans and strategies which are translated into concrete actions to support affected populations during crises.

Getting to know us

360 Health Systems Development Initiative (360 HSDI) is a nonprofit, non-governmental organization with a total of 129 permanent staff, and 902 ad hoc staff.

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Misssion and Vision

Mission: “To provide and improve access to quality and sustainable Health, Social, and Economic wellbeing that save the lives of the vulnerable communities”

Vision: “A safe, healthy and hunger-free world where social and gender equality thrives”

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Guiding Principles


The purpose of our humanitarian action is to protect life and improve public health and we ensure excellence and dignity of the life of our participants, and all involved in our community of practice. 


Our actions and activities are carried out based on need alone, giving priority to the most urgent cases of distress and making no distinctions based on nationality, race, gender, religious belief, class, or political opinions. We provide an inclusive platform for all without taking side. 


We do not take sides in hostilities or engage in controversies of a political, racial, religious, or ideological nature. We remain resolute and unbiased in our approach to work. 


We are autonomous from the political, economic, military, or other objectives that any actor may hold regarding areas where our activities are being implemented. We maintain quality standards in maintaining our nonalignment stance. 

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