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Education is indisputably the bedrock of any nation. 360HSDI recognizes that Nigeria has had some poor learning outcomes over the years and has the highest number of out-of-school children worldwide. As such, we are aggressively on a mission to support the revamping of the educational systems in Nigeria and beyond, ensuring that every child has access to qualitative education.

In North-East Nigeria, we are improving the quality of both formal and informal education. Our focus is on improving the access and quality of early childhood and adult education. We work with development partners and research institutions to design the right policies that cover contextual religious and societal factors through assessments and studies to drive evidence-based decision making. Our experts help in the development of appropriate learning materials and teaching aids for pre-primary, primary and junior secondary schools. We also support teacher development through the provision of resources, designing learning assessment tools and provision of mentoring workshops.

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360- Degree Health Systems Development Initiative (360HSDI) is a nonprofit
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